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    What does pet ownership mean to you? Is it companionship? Is it unconditional love? Is it the way that ecstatic greeting at the end of a long day just seems to melt the stress away? At Animal Hospital of River Oaks, we believe that owning a pet is about all of this and so much more. We are more than your family Oakville, ON veterinary hospital. We’re your lifelong partner. Your comrade. Your ally. Your trusted resource for everything pet related. We don’t view you and your companion as simply another client or patient – we consider you to be valued members of the family. We look forward to seeing you both in our office soon!

    Recent Posts

    All About Degus

    Nov 01, 2014

    Are you looking for a great pocket pet for your River Oaks home? Degus are a great choice for pets. These little furballs are very cute and sweet, and are quite easy to care for. They are also quite intelligent, … Read More »

    Your Pet Gecko

    Oct 15, 2014

    Do you find geckos irresistibly cute and fascinating? If so, you may be considering bringing a pet gecko into your Oakville home. Many types of geckos do make great pets. The leopard gecko is the most popular pet gecko, though … Read More »

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