Winter Pet Care Tips

Like it or not, winter is coming and as the colder weather approaches, it’s a good time to share a few helpful tips and reminders to help keep your animal companion happy, healthy and safe during the coming months. That said, here are some of the top winter pet care tips from your trusted Oakville vet.

Limit outdoor time. Exercise is important year-round, but you should limit the amount of time your animal companion spends outdoors when the temperature begins to drop. Try balancing outdoor activities with indoor ones – your Oakville vet can suggest some – so your pet stays fit while also staying warm.

Provide shelter and fresh water. If your pet is going to be outside for any amount of time, be sure to provide them with a place that will shelter them from the elements. You should also make sure your companion has plenty of fresh water. Check it frequently to make sure it isn’t frozen.

Don’t allow your pet to roam unattended near bodies of water. Keep a watchful eye on your companion if you live near any ponds or lakes, as thin ice could pose a hazard to a wandering animal.

Groom your pet regularly. It’s especially important that you have the fur around your pet’s paws trimmed on a regular basis to prevent excess snow and ice from building up and getting wedged there. If you don’t have a groomer, ask your Oakville vet to recommend one.

Watch for antifreeze. This common substance contains a chemical that is highly toxic to companion animals. As your Oakville vet can certainly attest, its sweet smell and taste often attracts pets, and once consumed, it can cause severe illness and death. Always supervise your pet when outdoors and keep antifreeze stored safely out of your companion’s reach.

Don’t leave your pet in a car. Similar to leaving a pet in a hot car during summer months, leaving your companion unattended in a vehicle during the winter is just as dangerous. Temperatures can drop to below freezing, placing your helpless pet in peril.

Towel dry your pet. When your companion has been out in the snow or rain, be sure to dry them off with a towel when they come in. Pay close attention to the paws to remove any excess ice or snow, and to wipe off any ice melt chemicals your pet may have come into contact with on the ground.

Before we know it, the thermometer will begin to drop and winter weather will be upon us. It’s important that you, as a responsible pet owner, take the appropriate precautions to ensure that your animal companion remains safe and healthy during these colder months. For more winter pet safety tips, talk to your Oakville vet.