Easy Ways to Give Your Dog a Pill

If your dog is one that will eat just about anything tossed his way, including his own medicine, you’re one of the lucky ones. For those that aren’t so fortunate, try these tricks from an Oakville veterinarian to get your dog to take a pill.

Hide in Food

One of the easiest ways to get your dog to take a pill is to hide it in his food. This works best with soft, canned food—simply push the pill into the food, making sure it’s covered up. With any luck, your dog will gobble down the whole bowl, never realizing the pill was in there.

Hide in Treat

You can also try hiding pills inside of treats. This could mean pushing it into the center of an actual dog treat, or just putting the pill into a block of cheese or a roll of deli meat. Most dogs will be so excited to get a treat of any sort, they won’t even notice a pill is inside of it.

The Toss Trick

Does your dog like catching treats in his mouth as you toss them to him? Use this to your advantage. Get a handful of treats in one hand and put the pill in the other. Toss a few treats to your dog, then toss the pill right in the middle of the stream of treats. It’s likely your dog will catch it and swallow before he realizes it was a pill!

Get Chewables

Some dog medications actually come in chewable varieties. These medicines are made to taste just like a normal dog treat, so dogs usually love them. Ask your Oakville veterinarian if the medication your dog needs comes in chewable form.

Grind it Up

Another method is to grind pills up and then sprinkle them over food or mix them into the food. While this can be effective, it’s important to always check with your veterinary professional before doing so. Some medications won’t work properly if they’re ground up. Also, it might give your dog too high of a dose all at once, which could spell disaster.

If all else fails, call your veterinarian to ask about manually putting the pill in your dog’s mouth. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you’re having trouble!