Advantages of Adopting an Older Pet

Do you want to include a loving animal companion in your household? There’s a good bet you’re not looking forward to—or can’t handle—a rambunctious new puppy or mischievous kitten. Your best bet may be to adopt an older animal! Learn about a few of the advantages below from your River Oaks vet.

An Older Pet Has Manners

It’s a safe bet that an older pet has already lived with human owners at some point. As a result, they probably already know how to behave around humans. If you adopt a well-socialized older pet, they’ll already be used to living indoors, taking walks on a leash, eating from a bowl, using a litter box, or traveling in a carrier. You don’t have to introduce your pet to the basics of living with humans, because they already know what it’s like!

An Older Pet Won’t Destroy Your House

One of the major advantages of owning an older pet is saving your furniture and other household items. Older pets don’t have an instinctive desire to chew and play with everything in their field of vision. If you’re not prepared to deal with the chewing instincts of a puppy or the scratching needs of a kitten, an older pet might be just the trick.

An Older Pet Might Already be Trained

Assuming the older animal already lived with humans who took some time to teach it basic commands, there’s a good bet your pet already understands the simple instructions you’ll use. They probably know to “sit,” “stay,” or “come.” Most will understand a firm “no” command. You don’t have to spend the time training your older pet these basic directions, because they’re already ingrained in the animal’s mind!

An Older Pet is Relaxing to Spend Time With

If you’re not in the market for dealing with a high-energy, rambunctious young pet, look no further than a middle-aged to older animal. Pets with a few years behind them will probably be content to relax with you on the couch, curl up by your feet, and take a leisurely walk when you offer one. They won’t require 24/7 supervision like a puppy or kitten, and at the end of the day they’ll be happy to relax right alongside you.

Call your River Oaks veterinarian to have a conversation about more advantages of owning an older pet. Ask about adoption agencies or shelters in your area—your loving pet is waiting for you!

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