Protecting Your Dog When It’s Hot Outside

The sun’s beating down, the temperatures are soaring—are you sure your dog is safe in the summer heat? Use these tips from an Oakville veterinarian to ensure your dog stays safe and happy during the hotter months.


Of course, you need to make sure your dog stays hydrated constantly, whether he’s indoors or out. Provide clean, fresh water at all times, and check the bowl periodically to see if it needs refreshing or refilling. You may even slip a few ice cubes in the bowl to make it colder.

Provide Shade

Is your dog spending time outdoors, lounging in your backyard or exploring the tree line? Make sure there’s a shady spot available for him to cool off under. If no trees or structures in your yard provide shade, make your own by setting up a tent, awning, or pavilion. Don’t forget to place an additional water bowl outside in this shady area so your dog can stay hydrated.

Watch for Heatstroke

The first signs of heatstroke in dogs are often excessive panting, drooling, and dry mouth. If you notice these symptoms, move your dog to a cooler area and provide plenty of fresh water immediately. Call your veterinarian for further instructions. If you notice weakness, vomiting, diarrhea, or collapse, your dog is already in an advanced stage of heatstroke. Transport him to your vet’s office immediately while doing whatever you can to cool him down.

Sun Safety

We aren’t the only ones who can get sunburnt—pets can get burned from the sun’s harmful rays as well, especially on exposed areas like the tip of the nose. Consider purchasing a dog-formulated sunscreen to apply to these areas if your dog is going to be out in the sun for extended periods of time. Ask your vet for a recommendation.

Avoid Asphalt

With the sun beating down on it, blacktop can quickly heat up to unbearable temperatures. It can easily burn a dog’s paw pads, so avoid asphalt entirely while you’re walking your pooch. Since your dog is closer to the ground, hot blacktop will also heat up his body quickly, potentially leading to overheating.

Your Oakville veterinarian can provide you with more helpful summertime tips. Call today to find out more ways to enjoy the sun and warmth safely with your dog!