Fun Facts About Ferrets

Are you considering getting a ferret for your Oakville home? Ferrets are very fun and curious animals. They can be very sweet and loving pets. If you’ve never had a pet ferret, you may not know what to expect from these cute little furballs. Actually, even if you have had ferrets, your pets may keep surprising you, as they are quite the little characters!

Here are some things you may not know about ferrets:

  • The word for ferret was actually derived from the Latin word for ‘thief’. While there are some common beliefs about ferrets that are incorrect, the thief label is not undeserved. Ferrets do love to steal things. You may find all sorts of goodies hidden in your pet’s cage.
  • Ferrets are related to badgers, wolverines, otters, minks, and weasels.
  • Some very famous historical figures had ferrets. Aristotle wrote about them, and Julius Caesar used his for hunting.
  • Ferrets keep their eyes closed for about a month after they are born.
  • Ferrets can be trained to use a litter box. It may take a bit of time and patience, but you can absolutely housetrain a ferret.
  • All ferrets are born with white fur.
  • Ferrets often dance. They happy dance, and also do war dances.
  • A group of ferrets is called a ‘Business’.
  • Ferrets have been domesticated for about 2000 years.
  • The average lifespan for a ferret is about seven years.
  • Newborn ferrets are so small they will fit into a teaspoon.
  • Ferrets are America’s third most popular pet.
  • Male ferrets are ‘Hobs’ and females are ‘Jills’.
  • There are some places where it is actually illegal to own ferrets.
  • Ferrets were often depicted in art from the Middle Ages. Leonardo da Vinci’s Lady with an Ermine is probably the most famous example.
  • Ferrets have often been used to run wires through tunnels.
  • Ferrets really are lots of fun. These little pets are very active, curious, and frisky. They do need specific conditions in order to thrive, so a proper cage and diet are important.

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