Your Pet Gecko

Do you find geckos irresistibly cute and fascinating? If so, you may be considering bringing a pet gecko into your Oakville home. Many types of geckos do make great pets. The leopard gecko is the most popular pet gecko, though there are several other breeds, including the Crested Gecko, Skunk Gecko, Golden Gecko, and Tokay Gecko, which are suitable to keep as pets. Each type of gecko has their own specific care needs, so you’ll need to do thorough research to know exactly what your new pet will require as far as diet and habitat.

Here are a few basics on keeping a pet gecko:


Glass aquariums or terrariums are the best type of housing for a gecko. Most geckos will require about a 20-gallon tank. Generally, you will need a wire mesh cover. You’ll need to decorate your pet’s home. Driftwood, rocks, and plants, are some options you have for décor. You’ll also need to choose a substrate. Reptile carpet may seem like a great choice, but it can actually be dangerous to some geckos, because they can ingest small pieces. Paper towels or newspapers with leaves over them are also a safe choice. Sand is another good option. Take care to choose the right type of sand. Play sand is a good choice, as it has been washed and is free of chemicals. You may also need heating elements, and possibly UV lights, depending on which kind of gecko you choose.

Tail Dropping

Remember to never pick up your little buddy by his tail. This may frighten him, and he could drop his tail. Geckos sometimes drop their tails as a way to escape predators. If this happens, you may notice the tail twitching. This is Mother Nature’s way of distracting predators, so the gecko can escape, while the predator is left with just a tail. Your gecko may also drop his tail if he is being bullied, or if he is ill or anxious. Geckos actually do regrow their tails, but this is quite a stressful process for them. Regrown tails are also not as beautiful as an original tail, and may even be of a different color.


Geckos are carnivores, and will eat mostly insects and worms. Your gecko’s exact nutritional needs will depend on his species, but you should be able to get your gecko suitable food, such as canned worms, at your Oakville pet store.

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