All About Degus

Are you looking for a great pocket pet for your River Oaks home? Degus are a great choice for pets. These little furballs are very cute and sweet, and are quite easy to care for. They are also quite intelligent, and absolutely love being petted.

There are many reasons why these cute little furballs make excellent pets. Degus are generally diurnal, so most of them will sleep at night, and play during the day. They also do not have a very strong smell to their urine, so their cage will not give off unpleasant odors, as long as it is cleaned regularly. Their main dietary restriction is that they cannot have foods that are very sugary.

These little pets are quite playful. They love nothing more than to have fun. They can be a little mischievous, but generally manage to look absolutely adorable when misbehaving, so you probably won’t have the heart to get mad at your little pet.

Degus make a lot of different noises, and they are all pretty cute. Your degu may squeak, chirp, bark, or make happy little chittering sounds. Your degu may also thump his little tail as a form of expression. If your little pet gets frightened, you can expect him to squeak loudly, and then run and hide.

These little guys are very friendly, and will really do best with a buddy or two to keep them company. You’ll want to get your degu a proper cage. Degus will need substrate for bedding. Wood shavings work very well, and your degu will love digging in it. The dust from shavings will bother some degus, though, so if you notice your little pet sneezing or wheezing, try using shredded paper instead. Wood pellets are not recommended, as your little furball can eat them and end up with serious digestive issues. Avoid cedar chips, as these are very toxic to degus.

Your degu will love to chew. You can use wood or branches, just be sure to check first to be sure you are getting a wood that is not toxic to these little ones. Apple, cherry, plum, pear, and quince woods are all safe, as are aspen, poplar, willow, oak, and maple. You’ll be able to find full lists of safe and non-safe woods by doing a quick online search.

Degus love attention, and will even flip over for belly rubs! Be sure to handle your little pet frequently. One word of caution: never pick your degu up by the base of the tail, as this can tear their skin.

Please check with your River Oaks vet for help with caring for your degu.