Does your furry friends mouth smell? Well it’s National Pet Dental Month!


Have you ever gotten a sniff of your dog or cat’s breath and wrinkled up your nose?  All too often, dental care is something that is overlooked with our furry friends. Imagine how your mouth would feel, taste, look and smell if you NEVER brushed your teeth!

Dental disease is more than just a cosmetic issue, when your canine companion or feline friend has red gums, yellow teeth and stinky breath, it can be a sign of serious oral disease that could, if left untreated, lead to devastating effects on your pet’s quality of life.                                            

But never fear, February is National Pet Dental Health Month and since it was such a huge success last year we are extending it into March this year. So now is the perfect time to call and schedule a dental exam for your furry family members.

50% Off Dental Exams, 20% off Dental Cleanings and
10% off all Senior Blood Profiles
Offer expires: 03/15/2017  
Some restrictions apply

So what’s stopping you…let’s give our furry friend the excellent oral health that you want them and your whole family to enjoy!



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