We have such amazing clients!


We always love to hear what our clients do and enjoy outside of the hospital during their free time. From simply starting TBall season, to wood whittling, flying a plane, being a black belt in jiu jitsu we have some many clients with exciting stories to share with us. We also love to share those stories when we feel so proud to know these great people!

So on this beautiful Friday we would like to honour the Apted Family who generously donated a baby grand piano to the new Oakville-Trafalgar Memorial Hospital. Dr Gold was so delighted and had the opportunity to see a hospital staff member playing the piano with onlookers enjoying the melody. This is truly remarkable and shows that music can make such a difference and was able to happen with this special donation. So if you are ever in the Oakville-Trafalgar Memorial Hospital please look out for this baby grand piano and if you know how to play please sit down and share your talent with onlookers so they can embrace the feelings that music brings.

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