Such a cute story we had to share!

Amelie had to write a letter at school to express how much she could convince her parents to do something for her: Please read letter of Amelie pleading to her parents to adopt her a Guinea Pig named Lorena!
Dear Mom and Dad
Can I please get a guinea pig?! I saw at the pet store a guinea pig and it was for free. Those poor guinea pigs trapped in cages held captive from the outside world, how sad is that!! ): But we could save it. If we get it,it will be free so it won’t cost you anything at all. I will feed it and clean its cage every day. Did you know that guinea pigs can live up to 10 years old. By the way guinea pigs eat all kinds of vegetables. How about I’ll clean my whole room t’ll it is squeaky clean!
Your very responsible daughter,
We clearly can see this girl has some skills but not sure if her room was squeaky clean….Please welcome Amelie’s new guinea pig Lorena to the River Oaks Family!

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