Dr. Lorie Gold















Practice Owner/Veterinarian 

Dr. Gold grew up in North York, then a suburb of Toronto. His family dog, a chocolate miniature poodle named Nevaire, was diagnosed with severe epilepsy, and would suffer seizures that could last 45 minutes to an hour. Caring for Nevaire and comforting his family after his passing inspired Dr. Gold to become a veterinarian.  After high school, Lorie attended the University of Toronto for the first year of his undergraduate studies before transferring to the University of Guelph, where he received his BSc and DVM degrees. After working in a number of companion animal hospitals to build experience, he founded the Animal Hospital of River Oaks in 1989 and has been running it ever since!

As a veterinarian, Dr. Gold enjoys spending time helping people—he considers himself an educator and spends a lot of time teaching families about their pet’s health. He also gets a great deal of pleasure performing surgery, and likes internal medicine cases as well.

During college, Lorie met the most wonderful woman he has ever known, his wife Sarah. Their son Alexander graduated from the University of Guelph with a degree in Microbiology, and spent the last six months teaching High School Science in Thailand! Dr. Gold and his wife have a black poodle named Schooner, as well as Alexander’s pet parrot, Marcus.

Dr. Gold is a licensed pilot, martial artist, scuba diver, a sailor and a skier who also enjoys traveling with his family. He teaches at the Oakville YMCA and is a volunteer instructor in a course for 1st and 2nd year veterinary students at the University of Guelph!”



Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Mac was born and raised in Oakville. She has always wanted to become a veterinarian. After high school, she crossed the ocean to follow her dream and begin the veterinary science program at the University of Bristol, England.

After graduation she worked in rural Suffolk, UK as a small animal veterinarian for 18 months. In January 2016, Dr Mac, her Border Terrier Monkey and her tabby cat, Matilda returned to Oakville.  Since her arrival Dr. Mac has completed the 5 Canadian Veterinary Licensing exams to begin her career at the Animal Hospital of River Oaks.

Dr. Mac has a strong passion for responsible pet ownership and helping clients through the ups and downs of pet ownership. She strives to provide early guidance and support to owners on behavior and socialization to ensure a happy, healthy life-long bond between clients and their pets. Dr. Mac has a special place in her heart for allergic animals and dermatology. She empathizes with these animals and their families dealing with the difficulty of managing these often life-long conditions. She finds the challenge of treatment and relief provided for the animals extremely rewarding.

Dr. Mac currently lives with her three pets, Monkey, Matilda and her newest rescue Maple the shepherd cross. Dr. Mac enjoys spending her weekends taking her dogs on various adventures involving anything from joining her at the boxing gym, hiking, mountain biking and even taking the dog on the sea-doo. Monkey has passed his therapy dog assessment at the Humane Society and Dr. Mac hopes to add Maple to the program.








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