When a companion animal is sick or has become injured, it’s not always easy to detect the signs of a problem on the surface of the skin. What’s more, many animals have the ability to mask illness for a long period of time, showing little to no outward signs and symptoms until the problem has become much more serious. In many cases, even a thorough external exam isn’t enough to reach a definitive diagnosis.

Veterinary diagnostics are tools that allow our doctors to delve below the surface of the skin and learn what’s happening on the inside of your pet’s body to identify, diagnose and treat the problem in a timely manner. The sooner we are able to uncover what’s ailing your pet, the better our chances of helping them make a full and speedy recovery.

Animal Hospital of River Oaks offers a broad range of diagnostic services to help us monitor and manage the ongoing health of our patients. We start with a thorough physical exam, and then turn to technology to provide a more in-depth analysis of your pet’s present condition. Our diagnostic services include routine laboratory testing, like blood work, urinalysis and fecal testing as well as more advanced services such as radiology (x-ray), ultrasound imaging and cardiology.

With many illnesses and injuries, every second counts. The ability to quickly and accurately assess the situation and deliver the necessary care and treatment is critical to achieving a positive outcome. Animal Hospital of River Oaks has an in-house laboratory, where we are able to run a broad spectrum of diagnostic tests and get results almost immediately. In many cases, we can have answers for you before you and your companion even leave our office.

Rest assured that if something is bothering your pet, we’re prepared to get to the bottom of it, quickly and efficiently, and work diligently to address the problem so we can get them back on the path to good health again as soon as possible.