Dogs are born with many natural instincts, from wagging their tails to tell us they’re happy to using their powerful noses to locate just about anything. Unfortunately, what they’re not born with is manners. It’s up to us to help them become more balanced and well-behaved.

Animal Hospital of River Oaks offers professional training for dogs of all ages. Whether you’re looking to teach your pooch basic behavior and simple commands or more advanced tricks, our training is designed to get you real, permanent results. Our instructors use proven behavior modification techniques, such as rewards and positive reinforcement, and can identify areas where your dog is most talented so that those skills can be further honed and developed.

Some of the commands our training classes teach include:

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Heel
  • Lay Down
  • Come

Our training classes can also help overcome certain unwanted behaviors that many dogs exhibit, such as jumping, biting, chewing, digging and more. Whether your dog is just a few months old or enjoying his or her senior years, it’s never too late to start training! Our classes will provide just the right balance of obedience and affection to really get the results you desire.

The fact is, well trained dogs are happier – and so are their owners! Let’s work together to help shape your four-legged friend into a happy, healthy pet that everyone can enjoy spending time with.