When your pet needs surgery, regardless of how simple or routine the procedure may be, it’s common to feel uneasy and nervous. After all, they aren’t just an animal, they’re a beloved part of the family. You want to be sure that your companion will be in excellent hands when not in your care, and will receive the best chance at a positive outcome.

At Animal Hospital of River Oaks, we know how you’re feeling because we’ve been there ourselves. We want to set your mind at ease and we’ll take every measure necessary to make your pet’s surgery as stress-free and positive an experience as possible.

We offer an extensive list of pet surgical services, from routine to complex, all performed by our experienced, highly skilled veterinarians. We employ cutting edge technology, advanced surgical equipment and modern surgical techniques and we use only the safest available anesthetic products. We want to keep your pet as pain-free as possible while also minimizing risk at every turn. When it comes to surgery, the safety and comfort of your pet will remain our top priority!

Prior to surgery, your pet will receive a thorough pre-operative exam and diagnostic testing to verify that he or she is well enough to undergo a surgical procedure. We never want to place our patients at risk and will not proceed until we feel confident of a positive outcome. During surgery, your companion will be kept as comfortable as possible with a customized pain management plan that is tailored specifically to his or her unique needs. Our technicians will closely monitor your pet throughout the entire process to ensure his or her wellbeing at all times while in our care.

Once surgery has been completed, a member of our team will call you to discuss how the procedure went, advise you on how your pet is doing and arrange a time for pickup. When you arrive to retrieve your pet, we’ll go over any aftercare instructions we may have, including how to best manage your companion’s pain so that the recovery process will go as smoothly and painlessly as possible.

Some of the surgeries performed at Animal Hospital of River Oaks include:

  • Spays
  • Neuters
  • Soft Tissue Surgery
  • Orthopedic Procedures
  • General Surgery
  • Cancer Surgery

If your pet needs surgery, you need not worry. The surgical team at Animal Hospital of River Oaks is prepared to make the entire experience a positive one for both you and your companion. We’ll have them fixed up and on the road to a full and speedy recovery as soon as possible.